Wednesday, May 12, 2021

AOR AR5000+3


Feature enhanced wide band receiver

Synchronous AM
Automatic Frequency Control
Noise Blanker

1. Synchronous AM

Synchronous AM is a useful tool to help reduce distortion due to selective fading, in particular on the short wave bands (long & medium wave bands too). In synchronous AM, original carrier is phase locked to a stable internally generated synthetic reference which is used to replace the (variable) original carrier resulting in more stable reception with greater recovered audio, especially during deep fades. A wide lock range is provided by this detector to enable simple, quick & efficient operation (unlike some other synchronous units on the market which require extremely accurate tuning).

SAM Synchronous AM double side band
SAL Synchronous AM lower side band
SAH Synchronous AM upper (higher) lower side band

AM transmissions are constructed of a carrier and both upper & lower sidebands. Usually both side bands carry the same information so both or either may be selected with the same recovered resulting audio, however when adjacent interference is present, selecting synchronous single side (SAL or SAH) can provide improved results.

2. Automatic Frequency Control (A.F.C.)

Automatic frequency control is a "global" facility, either OFF or ON (default is OFF). When, A.F.C. is used in AM, FM and synchronous AM modes, the receiver is automatically tuned on to the center frequency to provide the best signal strength and recovered audio. When used in synchronous AM modes, AFC ensures that the signal is pulled within lock range for no-fuss operations. AFC is particularly useful on the VHF-UHF bands to ensure that the AR5000 is receiving spot on frequency, especially when searching through unusual bband plans or when the exact band plan is not known.

3. Noise Blanker

The Noise blanker is another "global" facility, either OFF or ON (default OFF). This facility is particularly useful to help reduce impulse noise and interference from vehicles ignition systems, whether from passing traffic or while the AR5000 is fitted into a mobile installation.

SWITCHED EPROM BANKS - 2000 memories

The facility of switching EPROM banks is now supported, this virtually means that the AR5000 now has 2000 memory channels, 40 search banks, 10 VFOs etc. ... two sets in one!! 

AOR AR5000

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