Friday, January 6, 2023

Loop Antennas

Loop Antenna

Loop antennas are built in a circuit or coil of wire, pipe or other electrical conductor, there are several types of loop antennas, they are generally powered by a balanced source or feed a balanced load, apart from the different types of loop antennas , there are loop antennas for rx and there are also models that can be used for tx, one of their best features is that they are much quieter than wire antennas and if we do not have adequate space to correctly install a wire antenna, the antennas frame are an excellent choice.

  • Large Loop
Antennas (or self-resonant loop antennas) have a perimeter close to one or more complete wavelengths at the operating frequency, which makes them self-resonant, at that frequency, they are very efficient and valid for reception and transmission. 

  • Halo Antennas
They are like shortened dipoles that have been bent into a circular loop, with the ends not quite touching, they are similar to bent dipoles, they are also self-resonant.

  • Small Loop
They are small loop antennas (usually magnetic loops) have a perimeter less than half the operating wavelength, they are used as receiving antennas.

On internet there are many schemes and projects to build loop antennas, many radio amateurs and shortwave listeners build their own antennas.

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