Monday, September 13, 2021


SDRuno V1.41 was fully released today.  It includes the much requested full scheduler facility which allows you to set up numerous recording events for your RSP.  As well as providing all the expected calendar options (time of day, date, start and stop times, repeating options and so on), you can also set the ‘profile’ for each recording – this allows you to pre-set frequencies, bandwidths, demodulator options (AM/FM/USB/LSB etc.), choice of filters and antenna port selection.

Additionally you can choose the settings for connectivity to other third party software or the running of a specific plugin.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Hallicrafters Super Skyrider SX-28


Frequency coverage 550 kHz - 43 MHz in six bands.
Modes AM, CW
Dimensions (w×h×d) 521×254×375 mm
Weight 34.00 kg


Hammarlund SP-600 Super Pro


Mode AM, CW, MCW
Coverage 540 - 54000 kHz in six ranges
Dimensions Dimensions (WHD) 483x267x419mm
Weight 31Kg