Wednesday, May 12, 2021

AOR AR8200 MK3

The AR8200 quickly established itself as the top notch hand portable receiver providing unsurpassed features. As technology has advanced, so the AR8200 has evolved through the AR8200 MK2 drawing from the successful award winning AR5000 base receiver and more recently from the AR8600 MK2 transportable receiver, resulting in the AR8200 MK3 (with 3GHz coverage). Along with an extended receive frequency coverage, the illumination has been further enhanced and high capacity NiMH batteries supplied.

A Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO) forms the heart of the AR8200 MK3, this ensures high stability with minimal internal spurii... the TCXO replaces a crystal reference as commonly employed in other receivers and is usually only seen in top of the range (more expensive) table-top models such as the AR5000 and AR7030. Performance too has seen the AOR R&D team fine tuning the front end switching circuitry design for best sensitivity and strong signal handling over the extremely wide coverage of 530kHz to 3000MHz (all mode receive without gaps).

Frequency Range 530 kHz to 3000 MHz
Receive Modes WFM, NFM, SFM, WAM, AM, NAM, USB, LSB, CW
Memory channels 1,000 (20 banks)
Select scan channels 50
Priority channels 1
Search banks 40
PASS channels 50 per search bank + 50 for VFO search
Dimensions 61(W) x 143(H) x 39(D) mm
Weight 217g (311g including NiCads, 356g including NiCads & aerial)

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