Wednesday, May 12, 2021

AOR AR5000

High performance wide band all mode receiver with "Cyber Scan"

10kHz - 2600MHz
1000 channels (100 X 10 banks)

The AR5000 advances the frontiers of performance providing excellent strong signal handling, high sensitivity and wide frequency coverage with microprocessor facilities to match including 5 independent VFOs, 1000 memory channels, 20 search banks, "Cyber Scan" fast scan & search rates, alpha-tag memory & search banks, frequency offset, step adjust and auto-mode tuning to name just a few. AOR have seen synonymous with pioneering receiver design for many years and this tradition continues with the all new AR5000. A great advancement in wide band front end design has been made, partly due to the introduction of automatic electronic preselection between 500kHz - 999.999999Mhz with low pass, band pass and high pass filters for other bands. The preselection may be "manually tracked" when monitoring spot frequencies to help reduce any potential effects of interference caused by nearby monster transmitters.

Frequency coverage 10kHz - 2600MHz
Receive mode AM, FM, USB, LSB, CW
Nominal filter bandwidths 3kHz, 6kHz, 15kHz, 30kHz, 110kHz & 220kHz
Memory channels    1000 (100 ch X 10 banks)
Search banks 20 banks
Scan rate 45 channels / second(MAX)
Search rate 45 increments / second
Antenna connectors 50 OHM unbalanced. N-type & SO239
Power requirements 12 V DC, approx. 1A
Dimensions 217mm(W) X 100mm(H) X 260mm(L)
Weight    3.5 kg

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