Saturday, April 24, 2021

My Receivers

Here I am naming the receivers that have passed through my radio shack, which does not mean that I still have them
I started in the 80s and since then I have always had a receiver to enjoy the radio, the first was a very cheap airband scanner, I don't remember the manufacturer or the model but it was the one that sparked my love for receivers. 

Icom IC-R1
AOR 3000 A
AOR 8000
Kenwood R5000
Icom IC-R9000
Icom IC-R10
FunCube Pro+
SDRplay RSPdx

The best without hesitation was the Icom R9000, but I had to sell it, now I would like to update the receiver list with an Icom IC-R9500, but that will be difficult at least for now or maybe with a Rohde&Schwarz receiver...

Most of the information you will find on this page is dedicated to communications receivers.
If you have come this far looking for information and you have found it, perfect, this is the purpose.

If you want to enjoy and get the most out of a receiver, you have to have the right antennas installed.

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