Saturday, April 24, 2021

Icom Receivers


Icom Inc. is a Japanese manufacturer of radio transmitting and receiving equipment, founded in 1954 by Tokuzo Inoue JA3FA

Wideband Shortwave Receivers

Icom IC-R100    
Icom IC-R7000
Icom IC-R71
Icom IC-R72
Icom IC-R75
Icom IC-R7100
Icom IC-R8500
Icom IC-R9000
Icom IC-R9500
Icom IC-R1500
Icom IC-R2500
Icom IC-R8600

PC Receivers

Icom IC-PCR100
Icom IC-PCR1000
Icom IC-PCR1500
Icom IC-PCR2500

Handheld Scanner Receivers

Icom IC-R1
Icom IC-R2
Icom IC-R3
Icom IC-R5
Icom IC-R6
Icom IC-RX7
Icom IC-R10
Icom IC-R20
Icom IC-R30

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