Wednesday, May 12, 2021

AOR AR8000

The ultimate hand-held receiver

500kHz - 1900MHz
1000 channels (50 X 20 banks)

"WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE AR8000". It incorporates the latest PLL technology and offers a multitude of features including true carrier re-insertion SSB(CW) demodulation with 50Hz frequency steps. 4 level alpha numeric LCD indicates the frequency, signal strength, band scope and more. Selectable squelch system, auto-mode, auto-band-plan, serial communication port are all standard. Internal ferrite antenna offers high performance reception below 2MHz.

Frequency coverage 500kHz - 1900MHz
Receive mode AM, WFM(wide),NFM(narrow) USB, LSB, CW
Memory channels    1000 (50 ch X 20 banks)
Scan rate 30 channels / second
Search rate 30 increments / second
Antenna connectors 50 OHM BNC
Power requirements 4.8 V Nicads
Ext. 9.0 to 16 V DC approx. 160mA
Dimensions 69mm(W) X 153mm(H) X 40mm(L)
Weight 0.35 kg

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