Saturday, May 1, 2021

Icom IC-R8600

Features IC-R8600

Frequency coverage 0.010000–3000.000000 MHz
Decodes digital including P25, NXDN™, D-STAR
Mode USB, LSB, CW, FSK, AM, FM, WFM, Digital
(D-STAR, P25 Phase 1, NXDN, dPMR, DCR)
Frequency resolution 1 Hz

Channels: 2000 with 100 groups
100 scan skip channels
50 pairs scan edges
Up to 30 Mhz the IC-R8600 works as a direct sampling SDR receiver, from 30 to 1100 MHz a double superhet downconverter is used in front of this SDR, from 1100 to 3000 MHz a triple superhet is used.
SD Card memory for Log and recordings
Screenshot function for documentation purposes
Output of I/Q Data for external use with future software products
Remote control options via Ethernet or USB
Extensive and fast scan modes
Three antenna connectors
Input for precision 10 MHz reference clock
10.7 MHz IF output
Traditional Icom CI-V interface (Remote)
Output for S-Meter analog voltage
'Mute' input for safe integration into an existing transmitter station
Dimensions (W × H × D) 220 × 90 × 230 mm; 8.7 × 3.5 × 9.1 in
Weight 9.5lb / 4.3kg


0.010–29.999 MHz Direct sampling
30.000–499.999 MHz Double superheterodyne (IF: 778.7, 46.35 MHz)
500.000–1099.999 MHz Double superheterodyne (IF: 278.7, 46.35 MHz)
1100.000–1499.999 MHz Triple superheterodyne (IF: 900–500.000001, 278.7, 46.35 MHz)
1500.000–3000.000 MHz MHz Triple superheterodyne (IF: 1000–500, 278.7, 46.35 MHz)

Software RS-8600 Remote Control

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