Wednesday, May 12, 2021

AOR AR7030

The ultimate HF receiver for discerning and delicate listeners

00 - 32MHz
100 memory channels

The introduction of the all new AR7030 short-wave receiver is offered to the discerning and dedicated listener.
No matter how many new features are offered, ultimately a receiver will be judged on how well it receivers ! The AR7030 is the result of a combined project between AOR and a UK designer. The AR7030 represents the very latest and best design, featuring exceptionally strong signal handing and bristling with enhanced features. The AR7030 has been targeted to handle strong signals that are of prime concern to European listeners. It offers greater than +35dBm IP3(Intercept Point 3) and greater than 100 dBm dynamic range. The DMOS FET QUAD first mixer with NCO drive DDS offers the ultimate performance.

Frequency coverage 0 - 32MHz
Receive mode AM, Synchronous AM, USB, LSB, CW, DATA & NFM
Memory channels 100
Dynamic range typical 104 dB 20/40 kHz spacing with 2.2kHz SSB filter
Antenna connectors 50 OHM unbalanced SO239
Power requirements 15 V DC from external AC mains adapter
Current typical 300 to 500mA, 1A max.
Dimensions Case 238mm(W) X 77mm(H) X 191mm(L)
Overall 238mm(W) X 93mm(H) X 227mm(L)
Weight 2.2 kg

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