Saturday, December 25, 2021

ADS-B Antenna 1090 MHz

Before buying a commercial ADS-B antenna, look for information on the Internet about antennas for this band, luckily I found several DIY designs with which you can test and see how you receive the radio signal at 1090 Ghz

The most successful design was the construction of a Quick Spider antenna posted by abcd567 on the flightradar24 forum.

My test build is a little different, I made it with remnants of radio material that I had at home and the truth is that it works, It is mounted on a pole and only has the NE angle which is limited.

After seeing the results, I am considering not buying the commercial antenna and mounting the Quick Spider with N connectors+low-loss cable+IPS watertight box and anchoring it to the radio tower, dhere it will be mounted with a 360ยบ view of the horizon.

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