Thursday, May 13, 2021

AOR AR6000

The AR6000 continuously covers 9kHz to 6000MHz, which is the latest wideband technology represented by AR-ALPHA, AR2300, and AR5001D, and generously introduced digital signal processing to meet the diversifying needs of receivers in 3GHz to 6GHz. It is the world's first ultra-wideband receiver.


  • Frequency range 9kHz-6GHz
  • Minimum frequency step 1Hz (2Hz above 3.15 GHz)
  • Entrainment step 1Hz to 999.999kHz
  • Modes USB / LSB (J3E), CW (A1A), AM (A3E) FM (F3E), WFM (F3E), FM-Stereo (F8E)
  • Number of VFOs 5 (A to E)
  • Number of memory channels 2,000 channels (50 channels x 40 banks)
  • Number of memory banks 40
  • Priority channel 1
  • Scan speed Approximately 100 channels (steps) / sec
  • Antenna input impedance    50Ω
  • Power capacity    DC 10.7V ~ 16V, 2.0A @ 12V
  • Dimensions 304mm (D) x 220mm (W) x 97mm (H)
  • Weight 5 kg

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