Wednesday, May 12, 2021

AOR AR3030

High Performance DDS HF receiver
Collins mechanical filter inside

30kHz - 30MHz
100 memory channels

The AR3030 followed a classic design concept to optimize true HF receiver performance.
Most receivers employ ceramic filters, such filters offer good performance and reasonable cost. However, the "best" kind of filter is the mechanical resonator filter, pioneered and still manufactured by the Collins Division of Rockwell international. In contrast to ceramic filters, Collins mechanical IF filters are more expensive and rarely used in any but the very top of the range and professional equipment.
Our aim here at AOR has been to produce a general coverage receiver using the Collins 6Hz AM mechanical filter fitted as standard yet at an affordable price for most shortwave listeners around the World.
We also believe DDS is the best method available today to produce the cleanest signals, absolutely essential for high performance receive capability especially on crowded bands containing many strong signals. There are two other filters fitted as standard, these being 2.4kHz for SSB/FAX/CW and Narrow AM/SAM & 15kHz for NFM. Additional filter options include a Collins 7 resonator mechanical 500Hz filter for narrow CW operation and a Collins 8 resonator mechanical 2.5kHz filter for even better selectivity on SSB.

Frequency coverage 30kHz - 30MHz
Receive mode AM, Synchronous AM, USB, LSB, CW, FAX, NFM
Memory channels    100 (00-99)
Dynamic range 100 dB @25 kHz spacing
(with 500Hz CW filter fitted)
Antenna connectors LW-HF 50 OHM nominal BNC
LW-HF 450 OHM for wire terminals
LW-HF High impedance whip on BNC
(slide switch selection)
VHF 50 OHM nominal BNC for optional VHF converter installation
Power requirements Internal Dry batteries (8xAA) or external 12V DC @0.8A
Dimensions 250mm(W) X 88mm(H) X 240mm(D)
Weight 2.2 kgs without batteries fitted

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