Sunday, April 25, 2021

Attenuation Coaxial Cable


The coaxial cable is a very important part of the installation, the coaxial cables have to have good quality to receive the signals that reach the antenna, if we do not have a good coaxial cable we will obtain a very poor performance.
We have chosen the table from the coaxial cable manufacturer Messi Paoloni because it shows the attenuation differences between an RG-213 cable compared to higher quality cables.

In the market there are several manufacturers of coaxial cables such as Andrew Heliax or Cellflex.
It is important before doing the installation to calculate the losses that we will have as a consequence of the meters of cable that exist from the antennas to the radio receivers.

All manufacturers of coaxial cables have in their online pages the information and technical sheet with the cable specifications.

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